Camp Willowswish Fall 2022

Fall Willowswish is scheduled for September 7-11, 2022.

The Camp Willowswish Fall theme is “Studio 54” and the fall color is yellow. Our theme will run throughout the weekend with fun events beginning on Wednesday evening. Campers are encouraged to decorate their campsites, show up in outfits of their choice, and represent the theme throughout the weekend.

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Welcome to Camp Willowswish USA. Since 1969, Willowswish has been an ongoing camp at Lake Murray in Oklahoma. We welcome all LGBTQ and LGBTQ friendly campers to join in on the fun twice yearly. For more than 50 years Camp Willowswish has celebrated equality and we look forward to continuing on our traditions in a welcoming fashion each campout.

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Twice per year, we camp on Lake Murray in Oklahoma. We began in the South edge of the lake and camped primitively for many years. Today we camp within the state park campgrounds and rent the grounds for the weekend. Normally camping the last weekend of April for Spring Camp and the weekend after Labor Day for Fall Camp. See the reservations page to book your spot.

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What To Expect?

Every campout, we choose fun themes and have something planned each night from Wednesday through Saturday.

Wednesday night is karaoke night with good and bad singing, games, DJ, and dancing. Thursday night is our contest night (camp games, best concoction, and more). Friday night is our Theme Color Party and on Saturday: Spring is DJ Theme Costume Dance Party; Fall is our annual Miss Willowswish Contest and Pageant emceed by the Gay Mayor of Oklahoma City, Mr. Floyd Martin, followed by DJ and Dancing.

Rain or shine, the show on Saturday night goes on, you may even catch Iowna Trailer performing her famous number, “These Boots Were Made For Walkin'”.

Every day is floating and swimming in the beautiful, spring-fed, clear Lake Murray. Bring a boat, bring a JetSki, or just bring a blowup lake toy and join us all on the beach.

Our campers are very friendly and welcoming.  We love new campers and meeting new people each year.  There have been 100’s of relationships that began at Willowswish and certainly 1000’s of lifelong friendships.  All are welcome to join in on the fun.

Marietta is 7 miles away and has a dollar store, a liquor store and a Homeland Grocery. Ardmore is 20 miles away and has everything.

Please be mindful that our camp is in a state park and all rules of the State of Oklahoma apply. We expect everyone to be safe, follow the rules, and not cause any trouble. The actions of one person could ruin the camp for us all.

Fall Willowswish reservations through the Eventbrite Link will open August 7th in the Facebook Group.

Spots are limited, please don’t delay