Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Camp Willowswish. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us to ask your question through the Facebook page, or website.

Spring Swish is scheduled for April 26-30, 2023! Eventbrite registration opens in March. Watch the Facebook Group and here for more info.

When are the campouts?

Normally the spring campout is the last full weekend of April, and the fall campout is always the weekend after Labor Day.

Is there an age requirement?

You must be 21 or over to camp with us.

Who is in charge of the campout?

The campout is organized by a group of long-time attendees that plan and prepare all year for the two events.  That group, known as Camp Daddies, is also available to help answer questions and solve problems if they occur at camp.  No one-person is in charge and the entire group is always willing to help.

Why does Lake Murray State Park’s website say the camping area is full or closed?

The park lets us reserve the entire campground in the spring and fall for our group, to make sure it is exclusively used by our camping group only, and then we handle site reservations from there. When you arrive, you will see a sign that says the area is closed for a group event, and that event is Willowswish!

How do reservations work?

Approximately, one month before each campout, we will post an Eventbrite link in the Facebook Group that will allow you to select the RV site or tent site “tickets” that you want. Paying when you register means you can just check in and enjoy the week when you arrive!  The 35 RV sites go fast, so don’t wait to make your reservation. Individuals who have registered through Eventbrite in the past, will receive a pre-registration email. If you happen to be a little late, you can be placed on an RV waiting list (first come first served–info on the reservation tab), and there’s always an overflow/generator area for you to camp, if you prefer primitive or dry-camping. There are modern restroom and shower facilities available for tent and primitive campers. Once you register and pay for your ticket(s), print them off and bring them with you to camp. For RV sites, one “ticket” pays for the entire campout (Wednesday through Sunday) for two people. Tent campers will purchase a “ticket” for each night they plan to spend (two nights is two tickets, etc.) and they are also good for two people. Campers using the RV overflow/generator area should purchase tent site tickets. Additional guests in your RV or tent can pay for their Party Pass upon arrival.

What if something happens and I can’t attend, but I booked an RV site?

Due to the limited number of RV sites available, we use a waiting list for sites that might open up right before camp. We respectfully ask that you DO NOT re-sell your site on the Facebook group. Please message Adam, and he will get in touch with the next person on the waiting list. This process is the most fair way to handle last minute openings.

What about the overflow/generator area?

We have a large area West and Northwest of the baseball field designated for overflow camping, dry camping, tent camping, and generator use. Once all the RV sites have filled, there are usually very few that become available before camp, so some people may want to take advantage of the overflow area. If your RV is self contained (you can use your own water, power, propane, batteries, or generator), you are welcome to use the overflow area. RV rates for the overflow area are the same as Tent Site rates, because no park services are supplied. Tent campers that wish to be in a much quieter area, may also use this part of the park as well.

Do I have to pre-register, or can I just show up and pay?

You can just show up and pay, but we would prefer that you pre-register and pay ahead of the campout, especially if you plan to RV camp. We can almost guarantee there will be NO RV sites available for you to just drive in and pay for upon arrival.  Registering through the website and paying early gives you a better chance of getting the site/spot that you want, and it gives us a better idea of the number of attendees for party planning purposes.  Plus, once you have your site, you can let all your friends know, and they can plan to camp near you!

What kind of park services are available?

The RV sites provide a water faucet, 30A RV power, and a 20A household outlet (Site #1 also has 50A service for larger RV’s and sewer).  There is a sewage dump station inside the campground across from the restroom and shower facilities. Additional water faucets are located near the fire ring at the pavilion, and near the baseball field.

What about parking?

Our area has plenty of parking available, most of it very near to where you’ll set up your campsite. Per park rules, vehicles must be completely off the paved roadway, so that other motorists and service vehicles can get through. **IMPORTANT NOTE** Lake Murray, and most of Oklahoma’s other state parks, now enforce day-use parking. You get free parking with a campsite or RV site rental, but must have your info on file with the park BEFORE you travel to any other area of the park, including the boat launch (they do have security officers looking for those who haven’t paid). If you plan to travel to any other area of the park during your stay, simply visit the park office, tell them you have an RV or tent site with the Willowswish group, and they will enter your vehicle info into their system.

Can I rent a cabin instead of staying in a tent or RV?

Lake Murray State Park does have cabins and rooms at the State Park Lodge for rent, but none of them are in our camping area. You would be several miles away from our campout, and would need to commute by car or boat, which is discouraged especially if you have been drinking. Cabin or lodge room rentals would need to be made well in advance, through the Oklahoma State Park website. We do not rent cabins through the Willowswish site. For those who may be interested in renting an RV, there are several places nearby in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma that rent RV’s by the day or week, and many will even deliver and set them up for you, and then retrieve them after camp has ended.

Can I reserve an RV site for my tent?

You can, but we would respectfully request that RV pads are left available for RV’s and for several very large groups that attend each campout.  If you do rent an RV site for your tent, we would also request that you set your tent off the pad, and leave it available for use by your friend or another attendee with an RV. You’re welcome to camp near a friend’s RV site and visit with them about sharing their power and water. If we all work together, we can have a great attendance and everyone will have the services that they need.

Is power available to plug my tent into?

There are hundreds of non-serviced tent camping areas available within the park, and many are within 100’ or so of an RV site with power.  We encourage you to make friends with your neighbors, or camp with a group of your friends, and offer to help them out in exchange for using some of their power or water.  Most of the 20A household outlets are not strong enough for air conditioners, but will work great for lights, fans, and charging your devices.  So, grab your extension cord, and come on! No camping is allowed near the pavilion area (per park rules).

Are tent sites assigned or reserved in advance?

Tent sites are first come, first served. Tent campers can have their choice of where to set up camp depending on their needs or wants. Sunny area, shady area, near friends, it’s all up to you. Each tent site “ticket” (one for each night you stay) is good for two people. Additional guests staying in your tent can pay for their party pass upon arrival.

Do I have to camp the entire week?

No, you are free to come when you wish, and camp as long as you want.  Some campers stay the entire week, while others prefer to stay for the weekend only.  RV sites are a 4-day reservation, and cannot be changed. You’ll pay for all 4 days, whether you use them or not. Tent sites can be rented by the day. If you do plan to only stay only a day or two in your RV, and don’t want to pay for all 4 days, we encourage you to use the RV overflow/generator area.

Can I just come and enjoy the day?

Yes.  When you arrive, purchase a weekend party pass for $10 that allows you access to the area for the weekend, even though you may not be camping with us.

Are there scheduled events?  Do I have to attend them?

Yes, there are scheduled group events throughout the week, but attendance is optional.  See the camp info tab for more info on planned events.  Events are a blast to attend, and with something for everyone, you’ll probably want to participate as well.  We have dancing, karaoke, drag shows, games, contests, and the Miss Willowswish pageant in the fall.

Are any meals provided? Do I need to bring extra cash?

Each camper is responsible for their own meals, but camp does conduct a Meet & Greet meal on Thursday afternoon. There are no vending services available in our campground. Ice is available at several stores and locations near the lake, and groceries and other items can be purchased in town. Once you pay for your camping, either online when you register or at camp when you arrive, the amount of extra spending money you need to bring will depend on your needs. We do sell raffle tickets for a 50/50 drawing during the campout, with half of the proceeds donated to a chosen charity (the raffle winner gets the other half).

What’s the theme?

Each fall and spring have a different theme and color (to celebrate the colors of pride).  Spring campers suggest and vote on the theme for the next spring, and fall campers do the same for the next fall campout.  Have an idea for camp?  Find one of the Camp Daddies or make a suggestion by contacting us through the website or on Facebook.  See the itinerary page for specific information on the upcoming campout’s theme and color.

Can my friend and I both park our RV’s on one site together?

Per park rules, only one RV is allowed per RV site, no matter what size they are or if more than one would fit. If you and your friend wish to camp together, consider booking adjacent RV pads, or you might also want to use the generator/overflow area to be closer to each other.

Is this just a camp for a certain group of people?

Definitely not!  You must be at least 21 to camp, but we have campers from 21 to 80+ who all have a great time! We welcome LGBTQ+ and allies.

Is this camp just for couples?

No, everyone is welcome to attend, whether you’re single or partnered. You’ll see a mix of singles and couples at camp. You’ll also find a mix of monogamous and open relationship couples as well.

Are first-time campers welcome?

Everyone is welcome, and first-timers are encouraged.  You’ll make friends that you can’t wait until next year to see again.  The best way to get new folks to join our camping group, is by inviting first-timers that will go home and tell their friends how much fun they had!  We always have about 20+ first timers at each campout.

What do I need to bring?

Well, that’s up to you.  Some come with just a tent, chair, ice chest, food and drink, while others stock the RV and spend the entire week.  Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten something though.  Walmart is about 20 minutes away in Ardmore, and there are grocery and dollar stores nearby as well. Since the weather is unpredictable, it is advised that you bring items for sunny, rainy, hot and cold weather conditions, and don’t forget the bug spray and suntan lotion, and don’t forget any medications you might take.

I want to come, but don’t have camping gear. What can I do?

Through several very generous donations, Camp Willowswish does have a couple of small tents and sleeping bags available to borrow. Find a camp daddy once you arrive, and we can help you out. Another option is to make a friend and stay with or near them.

What should I wear?

Well, that’s up to you as well. Plan for weather that could be sunny & warm, or cool & rainy. Don’t forget comfortable shoes and swimming attire. Nudity is not allowed (per state park rules). You risk being ticketed for indecent exposure, or you may be asked to “cover up” some revealing outfits.

Are boats and jet skis allowed?

Yes, feel free to bring your boat or other watercraft, and enjoy some time on the water.  A boat launch is located just north of our camping area.  ATV’s are only allowed in the ATV Park area of Lake Murray and cannot be used in our campground or any other campground (per park rules).

How is the internet or cellular service?

Depending on your cell carrier and which part of the campground you’re in, you might have pretty good service, or none at all. Remember, you are camping, in the woods away from the city. Our campground does not have wi-fi.